Patio Cleaning

Quick, Easy, and Effective Patio Cleaning

Swiftly wash away all that dirt and moss on your garden patio! This patio cleaning service gets you a quick and easy solution for dirty paving slabs and dusty driveways. Using Gardeners Bexleyheath means you get an efficient service which utilises the best modern equipment.

Why Make Us Your Patio Cleaners?

  • One straightforward patio cleaning services where you pay only for the area to be cleaned
  • The latest high pressure jet washing equipment ensures minimal water is used
  • Full insurance protects you all the time that your patio cleaners are on your property
  • Customer support and service provided around the clock, 24/7
  • You can choose a weekend or Bank Holiday appointment for no extra fee
  • Request a free quote on your booking without obligation

How Your Appointment Will Happen

Simply get in touch and tell us about the parts of your property you need to have cleaned. We’ll provide a free quote based on the area you tell us about, which will then be confirmed onsite when your patio cleaners arrive.

This patio cleaning service is also suitable for use on pathways, your drive, and even facades and exterior walls. Wherever you have a dirty area outside in need of cleansing, this service is almost certainly the one you need.
The equipment we use requires minimal water because of the high pressure it is ejected under, and we use no chemicals or other cleaning detergents in our work unless by some prior agreement with you.

Plus, get your junk removal and garden maintenance done by us at the same time and you’ll enjoy the same financial savings as our other multi-service using customers!